Code: BERTMER001

€ 15,00

Domed dome roof for cages with side opening.

The blackbird is a wary and solitary species that lives in the woods and thick vegetation and has a very high and varied song; to make its habitat as similar as possible to nature during breeding, we have created a domed roof to be inserted over the cages with a simple gesture.

This domed roof allows the animal to feel in the woods and hedges; moreover, this form amplifies the sound of the song.

  • The roof is mounted on the cages with the opening of the roof by cutting the roof as described on the instructions that accompany the black roof or as described in the tutorial. This operation is very simple and fast.
  • UV-resistant plastic material resistant to sunlight, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • 25,5 x 31 x h. 18 cm