Code: BERPRO0001

€ 165,00

The photoperiod is a system that recreates a solar year inside a room through the use of lamps, moving the spring in autumn.

This allows you to have hunting birds that will sing their spring song in autumn, during the hunting season: Of course it can also be used to hatch the birds off period.

The PRO-2000 SEMI-AUTOMATIC haven't got automatic time tables but you could establish how many minutes of light increase or decrease every day and 

it will do it automatic. Every time you want to change something you'll have to do it manually.

It recreates sunrise, sunset and a fixed moon (without moon phases).

Italian, French and Spanish version.

  • Semi-automatic system
  • Sunrise 
  • Sunset
  • Fixed moon
  • LCD display illuminated from behind
  • It works also with Led Lamps
  • Conforms to CE/Raee/Rohs regulations
  • 2 Years warranty.