Code: BERMEMS161

€ 120,00

Memory for C36T. It is possible to have a number of chants ranging from 1 to 16 depending on the length of the song.

Choose your 16 songs that you prefer ...

HOW TO CREATE YOUR PERSONALIZED MEMORY: Immediately after the purchase, you will enable a blue MEMORY button that will allow you to access our LISTENING SONGS from which you can listen and create the memory with your favorite songs.

If you do not have time to choose the songs concluded the order, do not worry, you will receive an email with a link to click that will send you on our LISTEN where you can listen and create the memory with the songs you prefer when you want!

We advise you to complete the selection of songs within 10 days.

The memory for C36T/16 can have a variable number of songs in function of the length of the song:

- 16 songs of 24 sec. each

- 8 songs of 48 sec. each

- 4 song of 1.30 minutes each

- 2 song of more than 3 min. each

- 1 song of more than 6 min.

You can choose the 16 sounds between about 3000 sounds available on our website.